green christmas tree with gray gift boxes near sofa

How to put up a (real) Christmas tree.

For years I purchased stands and various contraptions to hold my real Christmas tree. Unfortunately, these can become unstable, so I devised a way of having this tree secure, but using a bucket and gravel.

I’ve done this for years now, but always meant to get the guide out there, but never really got around to it until now, so here goes.

Firstly, saw off the bottom 3cm of the trunk. This allows the tree to drink up water to remain fresh.

Find a waterproof bucket or large plastic container which fits inside the “ornate” outer display bucket. Remove the handles and cut with knife to fit the plastic bucket if necessary

I always use a wooden bucket, or a steel bucket as the ornate outer one.

Position the tree in the plastic bucket.
You’ll have to hold it. You might need someone to help

While holding the tree, start pouring in the gravel. The more you add, the more steady the tree will become. Keep the tree positioned as straight as possible.
Once this is full, then you can adjust the tree by moving left to right or back to front. The tree will gradually adjust to the correct position, but remain fully secure.