2001 Space Odyssey Discovery One 3D printed model

From the classic Stanley Kubrick motion picture. Entirely 3D printed from brilliant files provided by Metaform 3D via Thingsverse The spine was created using a single metal rod, which stabilised the entire model. The antenna was scratch built due to detail problems.

Custom made tripod lamp

Custom made tripod lamp, actually made from a Schiedel Chimney System test point component, which is a single wall steel tube, with openings on the side. This combined with the parts from an old standard lamp and also unfinished wood (from Maxwell’s) and wood dye … Continue readingCustom made tripod lamp

Infographic for a football tour

Infographics are quite popular now due to the easy way they show information, but in a graphic format to engage the reader, rather than a set of facts and figures listed on a page.