Vintage Atari machine with Retropie and HDMI modifications

Atari 2600 complete. Essentially a modern computer system within a 2600 shell.

Controller #1 is connected via a network cable and the unused “B” button is now on the console. The Exit, Hotkey, Menu and B-Button on the panel are actually converted to push button switches. The Select and Start are still pull down buttons. Controller #2 is a standard Atari controller.

On the rear are the controller ports, plus a USB C Raspberry Pi charger port, a normal USB port and the HDMI out port.

Boots directly into Atari RetroPie with around 400+ games. Will take some screenshots when hooked up to the main TV. This is placed at the back end of the room and the HDMI goes into a transmitter which is connected by the other end to the big TV.

Works perfectly and is virtually idiot proof.