A fantastic model kit to work with. Not a traditional plastic kit, but a wood and metal kit, which required a huge amount of woodwork to achieve a unique look and feel.

The base was designed from plain wood, stained and then stain varnished. The stands are tealight holders, with wiring through the bottom to lead to the underside of the hull.

The model itself, being wood, was not designed for lighting, but I added LED lights to inside the hull and also in the concealed decks and top deck buildings. Each of the funnels had two light either side.

Painting was achieved using acrylics, alongside Maxwell’s tester pots. The masts and rigging were complete with string.

It’s not perfect in the way I would want it, but I will be tinkering with it on a regular basis, including painting the inside windows better, as well as trying to straighten the external panelling. However, I’m really pleased with it, as it will be pride of place in my living room.

Slideshow of the construction stages.

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