Product Information Finder

A Word Press / WooCommerce site designed entirely from scratch to match an existing design. The idea was to finally get all product technical info online which is easy for customers and employees to use.

This site is for product information only, so all commerce elements were stripped out using code and also CSS. The main issue was an Add to Wish List feature I needed to put in. Several plug ins didn’t work the way I wanted to, so I had the bright idea to convert the Basket to a Wish List by renaming, hiding and coding certain elements.

Very proud of the site and achievement as it was done entirely in-house. I spent months collating spreadsheets and importing into Access to then run Queries and export the correct data with dimensions, weights, etc. into CSV formats for importing into WooCommerce.

The site coding and CSS work was also done in-house as well as managing an unexpected server switch. Analytics were then combined with our main site and it’s helped drastically increase the number of visits as each page (over 400 extra) has a high SEO value.