The petrol gauge

This article is not fully related to design, but more about technology.

Just had a BMW 316ti Compact converted to LPG Autogas from Martin Bland, who runs LPG North East in Callerton, Newcastle.

The plan was to save fuel costs, which were working out at £41 for just under 300 miles.

The OMVL Italian LPG system was fitted within a few days, as issues such as the tank not fitting where the spare wheel was, meant that a larger cylinder was fitted into the boot. This did actually mean that the spare wheel was saved, to the detriment of half the boot. However, the system was fitted perfectly and the first full tank run was positive.

£31 for around 50 litres gave a response of around 320 miles. This might have been 340 miles, but the fuel reset wasn’t fully correct.

The dial was inaccurate like most LPG dials. It went from IIII to III to II and I rapidly, but spent a few days on the red light, before beginning to bleep at around 320 miles.

The tank was filled and this page will will be updated with the second refuel statistics. Refilling was an experience. I used the Shell garage underneath Redheugh Bridge in Newcastle. It was more of a full connection, but when you take it off, be prepared to be shocked with a hiss of gas.

Nevertheless, so far, so good!

The fuel pump socket

The computer in the engine

The engine connections